Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal

Pet Odor Removal MA 877-459-6605When you have pets, they have accidents on your Persian rugs from time to time. These can leave not only stains, but also strong odors. The odors can linger, even when you remove the urine the best to your ability. This is when turning to the professional pet odor removal services that we provide at Persian Rug Spa of New England is a very wise thing to do.

Pet urine is very strong and takes special care to remove from your rugs fully. Our professionals know how to remove the odor without damaging your fine Persian rugs. We know the right solutions to use to get all the urine out, so your rugs once again smell fresh.

The urine odor lingers, when the right products are not used. You will continually smell a faint urine smell, as you walk through your house. This makes you feel like your whole house is dirty. When company comes over you light scented candles, use air fresheners and other things to mask the unpleasant scent. You need to call us instead here at Persian Rug Spa of New England, so that we can come and professionally remove this odor from your beautiful Persian rug.

You will no longer have to be self-conscious about your house, because the lingering odor will be gone. In addition, your rug will still be in excellent condition because our professionals at Persian Rug Spa of New England will use the best solution for the problem.